• Selling Coffee Forlì exists since 2004 within the sector of coffee selling, and specialized itself in selling monoportioned coffee in capsules and grains perfectly compatible with all coffee makers. The business took place in the field of selling and distributing coffee thanks to the passion of its founder and manager Michele Gentili who gave life to a unique label, to a cofee that not only assayers use to like. This achievement in coffee selling is testified by the fact that guests go on choosing Selling Coffee Forlì Gentili. Today the company is present on the marketplace with a shop in Forlì, where guests can buy directly in the shopping corner or also taste the variety of coffee mixtures produced and prepared for selling, for guaranteing an aware choice able to satisfy the guest. Those who enter Selling Coffee Forlì of Gentili are hosted by a high qualified team, that offers professionalism and kindness to the service of inexpert and hesitant guests or of those ones that simply want to try new fragrances.

  • Caffè urban
  • Guests who are choosing Coffee Gentili can count on a lot of products compatible con with all coffee makers, that’s whyit has been made available a gratuitous loan of professional coffee makers for bar, pub and restaurants or smaller percolators with capsules for offices, shops or privates. Furthermore, guests can also use traditional coffee in grains or decaf in packages of 1000g e 500g, ground coffee for moka, monorigine coffee in grains that consists of a selection of the best qualities of coffee in the world , wrapped in aluminium cans. Coffee in capsules FAP of various type in packages of 120 pieces, compatible coffee A Modo Mio and Nespresso, in packages of 100 pieces in addition to coffee pod in packages of 150 pieces.

    Beyond Coffee, Selling Coffee Forlì of Gentili also offers many different kinds of infusions like chamomile, tea or lemon balm, and wild berries all in packages of 50 pieces. All this products can be buyed at the shop or by home delivery within 24 hours if the purchase is done until 12 a.m. and the delivering happens within 15 km from the shop. In all other cases the delivery is guaranteed in whole Italy.

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