About us: Caffè Gentili

Selling Coffee Forlì

  • Caffè Gentili Forlì is the result of the passion of a young coffee fan that made his passion to a real life style. The company is specialized in selling of coffee of very high quality in capsules and grains. The passion of the owner, Michele Gentili, for the most used beverage in Italy and in the entire world, brought him to invent a modern coffee, as he says.

    The continuous research for quality of raw material and the high respect for working, together with a continuous experimentation between innovation and tradition, made it possible that the company of Forlì gained a leading role in selling coffee both locally than in whole Italy, and reached a primate of uniqueness.

    The project follone by Caffè Gentili Forlì is to go over the simple idea of a global product, by creating a line of coffee under own label that results unmistakable and of irrefutabile quality.

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  • The idea of modernity and innovation of Coffee is evident also if tou take a look to the way how the shop has been planned. Not a simple passage place aimed t ogive a service to guests by buying coffee packages, but a real place of weelness, a charming area, a spot where lovers of this beverage, coming in, have the sensation of being in a coffee-cave, where all kinds of misture can be tasted and you can buy the one that more satisfies you. But Selling Coffee Forlì is thought too for those ones that can’t be definied deep experts or lover of coffee, those ones that don’t know the difference betwee the Arabica and Robusta or who never tasted the fine monorigine from Costarica, Guatemala, Giamaica, Panama, Tanzania. With this modern and global point of view, Selling Coffee Forlì Gentili aims to offer to the buyers moments of pleasure, induced by tasting of coffee with very high quality and uniqueness. Please visit website www.selingcoffee.forli.fc.it and discover the inner of our shop.

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