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  • In last years the sector of monoportioned coffee is growing strong with renard to the demand of traditional moka. Selling Caffè Forlì Gentili is since 2004 in the sector of coffee selling and it was able to gather this phase of evolution, by specializing in selling of monoportioned coffee in capsules perfectly compatible with all coffee makers. ICoffee iso ne of the most loved beverages in Italy and the entire world. The main topico f quality in a coffee and the thing that let us distinguish a good coffee from a bad one is a sum of factors, like the quality of water, of the percolator and especially the mixture of coffee that has been used. Most selled coffees are the result of varios kinds of mixture that, somentimes, show very different tastes. The main types of coffee are Arabica, with a sweet taste and Robusta, withe a stronger and more bitter one. The mixture that individuates italian coffee is due to the mixture of Arabica, in bigger percentage, and Robusta. 

    There are, yet, other misture made up of a unique original place (Sud Africa, Etiopia, India) cthat are more expensive due to rarità, but showing a pure and unique flavour. Selling Caffè Forlì, tank to the continuous research and experimentation, was able to create the mixture able to donate high quality and perfect taste to the buyers. The quality of the products available for buyers made it possible that the compani could create a line of products with label, unique tank to the twenty years long experience in the sector. Thanks to the care and diligence to work of the companySelling Caffè Forlì, the label Caffè Gentili became a product of high quality. Reasons for this success on the marketplace of selling coffee are principally due to the talent of Michele Gentili, manager of Selling Caffè Forlì, concerning the knowing of under standing the demands of the buyers and the constant evolutions of trading but, especially, of using in an intelligent way the best raw materials, a thing that made it possible to the company to create a line of coffee that made it unique.

    Products of the company Gentili earned a record in the choosing of buyers both because of the high quality of products and also for the perfect quality/cost ratio; all this creates a fiducial relationship in clients, shown by the fact that they go on choosing Selling Caffè Forlì Gentili. The area of the marketplace affected by the company of the Cesenatico is relative both to privates and shops and besides to the supplying of coffee, there is a service of free loan for use of professional percolators for bars, pubs and restaurants, or smaller percolators with capsules for offices, shops and privates.

    In the shop it is possible to find many products, the choice is very broad and divided into categories. Beyond the line for coffee, where you can find traditional coffee in grains, decaf, ground coffee for moka, mono origine coffee in grains, coffee in FAP capsules, coffee pods in paper, compatibile coffee A Modo Mio and Neroespresso, Selling Caffè Forlì created a line of infusions in capsules with green tea, chamomile and lemon balm. The shopping corner is not only a simple place for buying the products of the company, but it is thought as a place where lovers of this beverage, entering there, have the sensation of coming into a coffee cave, where the sommelier of coffee can lead them through tasting all mixture and to buy the one that more than all others seems to be near to someone’s flavor.

    With this kind of imagine the shopping point, Selling Caffè Forlì Gentili aims to offer to the guests moments of pleasure produced by tasting cofee of very hig quality and unicity. Selling Caffè Forlì Gentili offers to buyers the chance to buy products directly in the shop or through a very useful home delivery, in addiction the company guarantees the delivery within 24 hours towards destinations up to 15 km, but also in whole Italy.

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